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Monday, December 5, 2011

What I'm craving right now - horehound candy

When I was a kid, my Grandpa was my hero (well, he still is). I remember when I began studying the gold rush and the Oregon Trail in school, he started catering experiences and gifts around that. Together we would read old newspaper articles from the time period at the library. And once we read about Horehound Candy - it was popular in those olden days. So we set out to find some.

Eventually a little country store offered up our prize - bags of horehound candy! They had a multitude of flavors, but only "original" would do for us. We opened the bag and each popped a piece in our mouths. The flavor is so distinct...bittersweet is a good enough description. Acquired taste says a lot as well. But we were happy and proud of our discovery, so between the two of us we finished off the bag that week. And from then on we'd share horehound candy together - Grandma never got a taste for it.

So for some reason today I'm craving horehound candy drops. Or maybe I'm missing my Grandpa. It's likely a combination of both. But I think a piece of horehound candy would certainly make me smile.

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