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Thursday, May 31, 2012


I know I've mentioned this before, but it's different this time. It's similar to a previous post - salmon rubbed with fresh chopped dill, capers, drizzled in lemon juice with some salt & pepper and then broiled to perfection. But this time the salmon was fresh from an Oregon river. And can I just tell you - the flavour is intensely different! It's fresher, and that's the only word I have. Buttery - yes. Meaty - yep. Flaky - oh yeah. Delicious - check. But fresher is the kicker. Holy crap!!

Although can I gripe for one second? I love salmon. I pay a lot for good, fresh salmon. So when did the fish-folks at our favourite healthy & organic markets decide WE were responsible for scaling and de-pin boning our own fish? God I hate doing both of those things!!

I piled some rock salt on the pan, and broiled it for maybe 13 minutes. I served it with some rice that was seasoned with some fresh roasted garlic! Yum!!! I love the Northwest!

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  1. Never thought to use rock salt. Good idea! I wish I could get mine that fresh. I made some farm raised last night and it was good, but yours looks so much fresher!