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Monday, May 23, 2011

Celebratory Cocktail: Cherry Smack

In addition to the watermelon, I also juiced about 2 pounds of cherries.  Note to self - never again until you buy a damn cherry pitter!  I sliced each cherry in half, and pried out the pit with my fingers.  It took forever!  YET - the juice was delicious.  And I had inspiration from some place deep in my soul...a voice kept saying "whiskey, whiskey" I listened.  And the created drink officially became my celebratory drink for the end of graduate school, and I call it a Cherry Smack!  And keith snapped a photo of me enjoying my Cherry Smack while sitting in the window.  :)

Cherry Smack
3 parts Makers Mark Whisky
2 parts fresh Cherry juice

Combine in a glass with ice and stir vigorously.  Don't shake this drink as it might alter the color of the cherry juice.

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