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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Hearty Breakfast

Another birthday gift from my hubby was an assortment of homemade jams from the amazing ladies at Beth's Farm Kitchen.  A succulent Blood Orange preserve, a fantastic garlic & rosemary jam, and - my absolute favorite - a hot red pepper jam.  As soon as I opened it I knew I needed to make a breakfast for this jam.  It's spicy and delicious!!

The first time I had a spicy pepper jam was back in 2001 when I was working on The Columbia Queen - a glamorous riverboat that cruised both the Columbia and Snake rivers each week.  On Sunday's we would stop in Astoria, Oregon - a quaint little town at the mouth of the Columbia River (where the movie Goonies was filmed, by the way).  Most Sunday's I would venture out with the passengers to Cannon Beach, a cute artistic community full of galleries and fun places to eat.  But occasionally I would stick around in Astoria, and my first stop would be this cute, tiny diner near the waterfront.  They served the most amazing Salmon Hash, and had an assortment of homemade jams on each table - including a spicy red pepper jam that I could not get enough of.  All of this came flooding back to me when I opened the jam that my husband bought me.  It's amazing how much memory is tied to taste.  And it's fantastic that my husband knows me well enough to know that I would absolutely appreciate a spicy jam.  :)

So on to the breakfast - the only thing I knew I needed was a big loaf of fresh bread as a vehicle for the jam (thick slices, lightly toasted).  I also got some great loose turkey sausage at the farmers market (spicy for me - mild for keith), and to cool down the meal, some beautiful duck eggs sunny side up.  Great breakfast - spicy jam on the bread, spicy sausage, and perfect eggs.  There's still lots of jam left - and since my husband will never eat any of it, it's all for ME!!

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