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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This past weekend I had two of my high school friends come in for a visit: Lori & Chrissy. As Lori put it, we spent the entire weekend walking and laughing. I think that truly sums up the weekend. :)

Lori arrived first on Thursday, and based on the number of times I've mentioned Momofuku restaurant to her, she decided that was her first destination in NYC. It's in the East Village, not too far from my office, so off we went.

There's something so wonderfully relaxing about a carafe of cold, unfiltered sake in the middle of a warm weekday. And from there, I insisted she try the roast pork buns - absolutely one of my favorite things to eat in this city. The fatty and delicious slow-cooked pork slab is heaven, and it is served on it's own little cloud - the steamed pork bun. Simply delicious.

And apparently the laughing and the sake got to me, because I forgot to snap a photo of my Momofuku Ramen (my absolute favorite - I think it's because of the poached egg on top of everything). At this point Momfuku is an East Village staple - and I highly recommend it. So does Lori.

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