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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Soda Stream - welcome to my kitchen

During our trip across the country we stopped in Denver and stayed with one of my favorite people, Kate. She introduced me to the Soda Stream. I'd seen it before and was skeptical that it was something I'd want to buy. Then I tried it and fell in LOVE with it. So when we got our new kitchen set up, this was my first purchase. I never have to buy soda water again! BUT it gets better - the company makes all kinds of concentrated liquids you can add to the soda - you can make your own tonic water, for instance. Or you can add your own fruit juices - heck, anything you want. But I was once again amazed when I saw that Soda Stream has a Red Bull knock off - and then I tried it and nearly fell to my knees in rapturous devotion. See, my hubby and I love a refreshing Vodka & Red Bull with lime & cranberry. It all started back with the restaurant Red Star Tavern in Columbus, OH that is sadly no longer there. They would make VCR cocktails - vodka, cranberry, red bull with lime. It's a favorite of ours, and Red Bull is damn expensive. BUT NOW - we can make our own for a fraction of the cost. Seriously...I'm floating. But the Red Bull aside, I love this new kitchen gadget!!

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