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Friday, July 1, 2011

Tin foil bag of meat

Before I talk about the amazing time we had in St. Louis with Holly, I have to show you the mysterious tin foil bag of meat that we received today. After walking around the Arch in St. Louis, and then driving all day in the heat (it got up to 106 today), we hit our hotel and decided to be lazy - and to order something in. The hotel highly recommended a local pizza place - The Big Cheese - so we gave it a try. I desperately needed something fresh so I ordered the chef salad. And along with the salad and the pizza, this sack of greasy meat arrived. I have no idea if it was supposed to be for the salad, or the pizza. But I couldn't bring myself to try it - instead I just snapped a photo and tossed it out. But I'm still curious - what is the bag of meat for, and how did it become something that the restaurant includes separately?  There must be a story there...

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