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I'm Chris - or Christopher - or Mr. Dean - or Master Christopher - or just plain Sir. I'm a self-professed foodie. I love to cook and I take great pleasure in all things edible. My husband and I are relatively new to Portland, Oregon and are enjoying our culinary explorations of the area!

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Dinner on the grill

Saturday night we had Kevin (a new Portland friend) over for dinner. He is diligently working to get us out and exploring Oregon in terms of camping, hiking & backpacking. But before all of that commences, I thought making him dinner would be a good place to start. A trip to the grocery store resulted in a multitude of things to eat - and things to grill!

I can't JUST make we started with a selection from the antipasto bar that included big caper berries, hot & spicy bread & butter pickles, artichoke hearts and sun-dried tomato-stuffed olives. This was complimented with a cheese plate (a smoked cows milk, a double poured cows milk separated by ash, and a triple cream cheese). I found some really nice baked sourdough crackers to use as vehicles for the cheese.

For dinner, I decided I needed some salmon. I am in the Pacific Northwest, after all - not to mention that my friend Lori in Wisconsin mentioned salmon immediately when I told her I was getting a grill. So it was already on my mind! I got a huge side of salmon and, after removing MOST of the pin bones (I tried), I cut it into small 'steaks.' The rest of the meal was vegetarian (in honor of Kevin - although he did eat the salmon!): thin slices of zucchini & squash, garlic shoots, assorted peppers, and portobello mushroom caps piled with goat cheese.

For dessert I sliced some white peaches and grilled them as well. Once the grill marks were perfect, and the peaches were warmed, I piled on some marscapone cheese and drizzled them with some clover honey, and then served them with a few fresh figs. Great evening on the grill!

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