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Friday, October 14, 2011

Parsley...not just a garnish anymore

I remember parsley growing up. It was the curly, little green sprig that came on the plate of every meal I ordered out at restaurants. And I also remember being told not to eat it because it was a "garnish," and could even take root and grow in my stomach (apparently along with the watermelon seeds, I could have had a garden in my tummy growing next to the gum that stayed for seven years). I always ate - much to the disgust of my mom and sister. Partly because I wanted to see if parsley would start growing out of my ears. But I also think somewhere I realized that if something was delivered on my dinner plate, it was to be eaten. Looking back, it wasn't a great garnish anyway (certainly not in the way it was presented at, say, Bob Evans...I wonder if they still use curly parsley in the same way today?). It was often accompanied with a slice of orange, which I also always ate. And now I almost always have parsley in the house. Admittedly I do cook more Italian and American comfort food than other types, and if it makes it onto a plate raw, it's usually chopped & sprinkled overtop, or made into a refreshing parsley salad with lemon juice & olive oil.

You've come a long way, parsley. At least for me you have! And look, you're not even curly! :)

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