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Friday, September 9, 2011

Guest Post by Max

In honor of my best buddy's 10th birthday today, I've let him take over the blog. Here are some things that Max has enjoyed putting in his mouth over the last 10 years. Happy Birthday, Max - both your daddies love you very much! So in no particular order, Things I Put In My Mouth: Max Edition!

water from a cup on a road trip


stuffed toy

cow's ear

wax lips

dog food right from the bag

dog food right from the bag - again!


soccer ball

peanut butter inside a toy

tennis ball



another tennis ball

pig's ear


  1. Love it!!! Happy Birthday Maxy Boy!

  2. oh my god! I can't stop watching the last video!!!
    happy birthday Max!!!!! :)

  3. Happy 10th Birthday Max! Are you actually flying in that third picture? You really are a super dog! Mardi says woof.

  4. What a GOOD BOY!!! Happy Birthday sweet Max!