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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Hike and a Beer

This past Saturday I again ventured up to the top of Saddle Mountain. This time I took keith so he could experience the gorgeous views as well. Armed with a new hiking backpack, and some new hiking poles for keith, we set out. Again, first stop was at Camp 18 - I had a luscious omelet filled with steak, onions, mushrooms and tomatoes. keith had a lumberjack breakfast complete with one huge pancake, one piece of french toast, eggs, sausage and homefries. With our tanks full of fuel, we hit the hiking trail.

The beginning of the hike is "respectable" (as Kevin put it), and brings you out to an outcropping of stone that seems to float above everything. I made a point to walk out to the edge for a photo op - big deal to someone that is leery of heights, like me. And then the trail gets difficult going straight up to the summit. Wonderful day, gorgeous weather, and then we relaxed at home with a lovely local IPA - which hit the spot after a hike like that!

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