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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Creme de Fraise Martini

I stopped off at the liquor store yesterday after work.  We have an amazing liquor store in my neighborhood (Inwood, very north tip of Manhattan) called PJ's.  Seriously huge with everything you could ever want or need at really good prices.  So I was just getting some of the staples for my home bar - you know, a huge bottle of Grey Goose vodka for the freezer, etc.  And I saw a display of Trenel Liqueurs.  I've never tried this brand of French liqueurs, so I grabbed a small bottle of Creme de Fraise (strawberry).

I wanted the flavor to really shine through, so I simply shook it with some Grey Goose (healthy amount of vodka, and a good splash of Creme de Fraise).  Really nice - often times strawberry-flavored things are overly powerful and/or sweet, but this was really nice.  The smell was great as well.

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