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Monday, March 28, 2011

A Sphere of Ice

keith got me these amazing ice trays that make big spheres of ice - they are PERFECT for those of us that enjoy a couple of fingers of 12 year old Scotch from time to time.  The shape of the ice allows it to melt a little slower, and therefore not dilute the precious, precious Scotch (by the way, my favorite is Macallan 12 year old).


  1. Nice post man. Now you are taking my language. Recently discovered tuthilltown distillery -- local guys on the Hudson that make batch whiskey. It's so fucking good you get an erection drinking it -- guaranteed. They have become so hot you can't find it anywhere now. Bringing you a bottle when we break bread brother!

  2. Holy holy that sounds fun - I started enjoying scotch and whiskey right around the time I also started enjoying an evening cigar during walks through the park. :)

  3. Sticks and scotch -- perfect combo.

  4. I just got back from Sur la Table and had to let you know about these...if you didn't already.

    Whiskey stones.

  5. Too funny - I have some in my freezer as well! keith got them for me last Christmas. :)