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Friday, March 25, 2011

Dinner at Ditch Plains with Matt

Last night keith and I met up with our friend Matt.  Funny story - the three of us were cast in "Into the Woods" 7 years ago with Gallery Players in Bexley, Ohio.  That's actually where my husband and I met.  So it was a fun reunion with Matt.

Spicy Pork Meatballs
We managed to find some common time and picked a location (Matt coming from the Upper East Side; keith coming from Union Square; me coming from the Lower East Side) - Ditch Plains on Downing & Bedford.  We've always loved this restaurant, and the fact that they carry Hangar Vodka (lime infused!).

Crab Dip
Smoked Mozzarella & Ricotta Fritters
Over plates of appetizers and cocktails we caught-up and laughed.  Matt is full of stories, and available for hire to any casting directors that might read this.  :)  And I was so excited about the "special" burger (that just won a major burger award - really, no joke) that I forgot to grab a photo of it.  Needless to say, the cheddar "bun" and the vodka-spiked ketchup were delicious.  And what evening would be complete without deep fried snickers bars?  I mean, we're all Ohio boys at heart.

Deep Fried Snickers Bars

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