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Thursday, March 17, 2011

My (Weekday) Morning Java

Last summer I got a Keurig coffee brewer for the office.  I hated making an entire pot of coffee and having so much left over if I was the only one drinking it.  And I also hated whiny people complaining that we didn't have any decaf - so we'd have to make a pot for them.  Screw that, coffee has caffeine - deal with it.

So enter the new coffee maker.  I buy these cute little "K-cups" that are available in all kinds of different brews by all kinds of different coffee producers (including Seattle's Best...Caribou...and lots more).  I've been pretty pleased with Tully's brand - especially this Italian roast.  It perks me up in the mornings - exactly what I need in this office!

And fyi - during the weekends I still usually have a cup of coffee each morning.  However I always have some fresh roasted beans on hand, that I grind right before use, and I always use my french press.  French press coffee at home = weekend to me.  :)

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