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I'm Chris - or Christopher - or Mr. Dean - or Master Christopher - or just plain Sir. I'm a self-professed foodie. I love to cook and I take great pleasure in all things edible. My husband and I are relatively new to Portland, Oregon and are enjoying our culinary explorations of the area!

Food is NOT just fuel!

Friday, March 18, 2011


My husband started a new job last week.  And this week, he's working until 1am tonight, and all day on Saturday.  So the weather is grand, and I'll be all by myself.  Of course, I have a 3 hour midterm to take for my Economics class...and I have a bunch of work to do on my Senior Thesis/Project for my Masters Degree...but what I really want to do is relax!

I ran over to Discovery Wines again (near Houston & Ave. A).  They started carrying my favorite go-to white: "From the Tank"  The owner explained to me that the company went with a different grape and fermentation process this year, so it's even better.  I also picked up a bottle of Prosecco and a Beaujolais (based on his recommendation).  Let's get this weekend started!!

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