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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Rosemary Martini

I decided I wanted to start playing with some herbs - and vodka.  I have a bunch of rosemary that I dried in the kitchen, and I'm a huge fan of savory things.  So I poured about 6 oz. of vodka into a glass, and stuffed in a couple sprigs of rosemary.  I let the rosemary steep for about 24 hours (although I changed it out once - took out the old and put in new about half way through).  I threw in some juniper berries as well, but it's not worth it, the rosemary overpowers everything.

So what to do with this deliciously smelling vodka?  I went simple.  I poured the entire glass into a shaker with 2 sprays of vermouth (I use an olive oil spray bottle for my vermouth because I like it neat - my martini, that is) and some ice.  Shake, shake, shake - and into a martini glass with 2 large Spanish olives.  It's absolutely fantastic!!  I think I need to make a jar of rosemary vodka - I'm also thinking it will be great in Bloody Mary's.

I wonder what my next herb will be.  And yes, in case you're wondering, I'm enjoying the Rosemary Martini right this very second.  And while I couldn't be bothered to take a photo, at least I remembered to write about it.  :)



  1. WHAT?! This is genius! My mom grows rosemary in her garden and I think her famous rosemary cookies have just been blown out of the water.

  2. Ooooh yes in Bloody Mary's. When my herb garden gets going this summer, I will do this for sure!

  3. Seriously, I was in love with this vodka. I'm going to buy a big jar this week so I can make a bunch. HAHA