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Monday, April 11, 2011

Cadbury Creme Egg

This may or may not come as a shock, but my husband and I are not religious.  In any way.  :)  And yet, despite that, Easter has come to be a special holiday for us.  Sure, we both have fond memories of the holiday growing up.  For me it was lots of Easter baskets, and hunting for eggs (because it's so much easier to get kids excited about a religious holiday by making up a colorful bunny that gives them sugar!).  And in a moment of nostalgia (and weakness) I reached for a couple of Cadbury Creme Eggs while at the store.

Funny enough, before I even took a bite and began enjoying it, keith told me he read a story about the eggs in a recent edition of Wired Magazine.  So I thought I'd share what he read to me (taken directly from Wired, part of their "What's Inside" section):

Yellow 6:  The yolk gets its brilliant color from an azo dye 
built around double-bonded nitrogen atoms.  Yellow 6 also helps give 
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese its rich golden hue.

Egg Whites:  The white inside this ersatz egg actually contains 
the real thing.  A mix of several proteins, half of which is ovalbumin, 
it's likely used to make a sticky, meringue-like foam.

Calcium Chloride:  This sidewalk de-icer is also used to coagulate 
soybeans into tofu and milk into cheese curds.  Here, it probably 
helps whiten and solidify the creme.

So break into a Cadbury Creme Egg this year, and raise it in toast to the magical bunny that represents...the pagan rite of spring...or rather the Resurrection of...oh never mind, just enjoy the tasty sweetness - it certainly brought a smile to MY face!

Update:  I completely forgot to mention WHY Easter is a holiday that we have come to love.  It's because, all religious observance aside, we decided it would become a weekend celebration of US.  keith makes his homemade Skyline Chili (which I ADORE), and we have lots and lots of sex.  What's not to like, right?

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