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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mac Bar

My brother-in-law, Roger, is visiting this weekend.  And while I'm documenting all of the things I put in my mouth, I probably won't get around to posting them until after he's left.  :)

Yesterday when he first arrived we wandered a bit through Chinatown.  I was hoping to find some early Dragonfruit - I was certain I wouldn't but I tried anyway.  I did buy a bag full of baby bok choy for only $1 - gotta love that!  We met up with keith for a late afternoon snack at Mac Bar in SoHo.

I had the Mac Rueben (just as it sounds...basically a rueben mixed in with mac n cheese!), Roger tried the Mayan Chipotle, and keith had the Mac Quack (one of my favorites - duck confit is the main ingredient).  While the photo doesn't do it justice, here's my Mac Rueben and keith's Mac Quack in the background.

We found a happy hour, and then decided that Rosemary martinis at our place sounded much better.  A couple of those went down way too easily though.  But I did manage to make a fantastic dinner of fried polenta, sauteed baby bok choy and seared lamb rib chops with a pistachio tapenade (more later!).

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