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Monday, August 22, 2011

Beaverton Farmer's Market

So we finally made it to the Beaverton Farmer's Market this past Saturday. And can I just say - impressive!! There are well over 100 vendors and they are local selling everything from produce, fresh meats, fresh seafood, honey and flowers to homemade jellies, chocolates, kettle corn and artwork. Quite a spread, and wonderfully exciting to walk through. And now that I have my bearings I'm more prepared for next week. I only bought a handful of things, but seriously could have gone wild. And they have a Folk Music Society so there is constantly live music. Lots of fun, and I can see us taking advantage of this market every weekend for as long as it continues this summer. Here are a few things I picked up on Saturday at the market:

Gorgeous & Juicy Donut Peaches

Kettle Corn for Keith

Lemon Cukes - just because I've never had them

Called Lemon Cukes because they look like lemons. They taste just like any other cucumber, maybe a little milder. And the skin is still bitter!

From the BBQ Pork stand - Pulled Pork Biscuits & Gravy - looks horrible, tasted amazing!

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