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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Comfort Food on the Grill

One day last week keith saw one of our neighbors grilling hot dogs. He ran into the kitchen and said "can we have hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill one night?" You bet! I didn't do too much to the hamburgers - maybe added some horseradish, garlic powder, olive oil, salt & pepper before making the patties. And I got some old school Nathan's hot dogs (bigger than the bun!!).

I can't resist the heirloom tomatoes when they're in season. So in addition to the swiss cheese on each burger, I added a big 'ol slice of tomato (with another on the plate for good measure - seriously, I sometimes stand over the sink with an heirloom tomato...sprinkle a little salt, take a big bite, repeat until it's gone). I chopped up some dill pickles and onions to top the hot dogs, and we used the last 2 ears of corn to make some skillet corn as a side dish. The skillet corn is simple and delicious - cut the kernels off of 2 ears of fresh corn. Chop one shallot. In a cast iron skillet, heat up some olive oil and a good size knob of butter. Add the corn & shallots as well as some salt & pepper. Stir frequently and cook for about 8 minutes (or less if you like your corn still to have some crunch).

What a comforting meal from the grill. Max was also quite fond of the hamburgers, and loves it when I grill. Mostly because his "spot" is right by the patio door wherever the sunlight is streaming in, so it's inevitably close to the grill. Although right now he has some competition - as I'm writing this both Max and my husband keith are curled up in the warm sunlight next to the patio door. How cute! Ain't summer grand?

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