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Monday, August 8, 2011

Dinner with friends (small plates all around)

We had some new friends over on Saturday for dinner (Mary-Ellen & Natalie - awesome lesbians originally from Ohio who live on a house Mary-Ellen has LOTS of food experience, so I couldn't figure out what to make. So instead of going for one big thing, I went small. Lots of small plates so there was lots and lots to try. Of course that also meant that the prep time went from short to loooong, but it was Saturday, I had the time!

First thing first - we started in on the liquor infusions. I used the evening as an excuse to test the 3 day infusions I had going and made notes (not long enough; too long; add simple syrup; etc.) based on the flavors. The infusions went over really well and carried us through chatting, dinner, and then Loaded Questions and Quelf!

A couple of hours before they arrived, I halved some cherry tomatoes and threw them in a low temp. oven (250 degrees) after coating them with olive oil, salt & pepper. They cooked for about 2 1/2 hours and were delicious. I also made some stuffed mushrooms (stuffing consisted of the mushroom stems, pepper, olive oil, fresh bread crumbs, grated Myzithra cheese, crispy fried shallots & garlic) and one of my favorites: Beet salad with oranges, macadamia nuts, mint, and shaved pecorino cheese. Things were rounded out with Beef & Basil Rolls and Pancetta Grilled Figs (separate posts for the recipes).

And for the second time since we've met the ladies, time flew by...before we knew it we'd been laughing and drinking for 5 1/2 hours. That's my kind of evening at home with friends!

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